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A Brave New World


Guideline and Application
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Guideline goes here.
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A Brave New World


Re: Guideline and Application
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Character Name
Rank of Ista Weyr

[sh1]the basics[/sh1]
Nickname/Alias: omit if none
Age: ##  (Required)
Born: # Turn (Required)
Birth Location: (Required)
Occupation: Current Rank/Job  (Required)
Crafter: Former Rank Delete if N/A

Face claim:[/b]
Height:[/b] (A short description is only required.)
Build:[/b] (A short description is only required.)
Eyes:[/b] (A short description is only required.)
Hair:[/b] color and length (A short description is only required.)
Other:[/b] (Optional)

(Optional) - Delete if not being used
name - ___ to ____ caste, Mother, age
name - ___ to ____ caste, Father, age
name - ___ to ____ caste, Other, age

[sh1]the story so far...[/sh1]

Please place at least a basic outline of the character's personality and history here. Timeline/Event is totally okay. (Required)

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[sh1]a character played by (name)[/sh1]
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